Christina Florada Photography: Blog en-us (C) Christina Florada Photography (Christina Florada Photography) Thu, 24 May 2018 14:45:00 GMT Thu, 24 May 2018 14:45:00 GMT Senior Audrey, Averill Park Central School Class of 2019 Audrey is my mom's neighbor and my occasional babysitter.  She is such a sweet person with a lovely heart.  Audrey has dreams of going into law enforcement some day.  She's an all American farm girl that's not afraid to work and get her hands dirty.  I am so glad I could do this shoot for her and glam her up a bit.  Enjoy!

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The Walsh Family in the Washington DC Here's the lovely Walsh family in DC during the bloom of the cherry blossoms.  What a cold morning it was, but Summer is seriously the sweetest kid ever.  Hopefully I'll see these guys again in August!!!!  

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Newborn Oaklyn: Lifestyle In-Home Newborn Session Little Miss Oaklyn was born in one of the coldest, snowiest March's that I can remember.  Mom Danielle and I wanted to do some outdoor photos so we decided to wait it out and luckily we had a nice spring-like day the day we decided to shoot.  Danielle and Stephen were game for anything, and the weather kept playing tricks on us.  We bundled her up pretty tightly and took her outside.  First it was cloudy (perfect), then it sprinkled for a few minutes and they held a blanket over her while I photographed her.  Then the sun came out and beat on us like we hadn't felt the sun in a year.  So inside we went to play with the puppies as well.  Oaklyn has the sweetest parents so I am sure she will follow suit. 


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Shea, David, Addison, and Evelyn: Family Portrait Session in Washington DC I am so absolutely excited to start this journey of travel photography.  When Shea contacted me to tell me they were going to be visiting DC at the same time as me I was thrilled!  Shooting in Washington DC is a dream:  famous landmarks, gorgeous flowering trees, free museums, I love this city.  And surprisingly, the cherry blossoms peaked bloom the two days I was there, perfect timing for the Cherry Blossom Festival!  Typically the trees bloom anytime between mid-March and mid-April, and it just happened to land on the days we were there!  So back to Shea, David, Addison, and Evelyn:  What a sweet family they are.  We had the most beautiful weather in the morning; cloudy with some soft sun peaking through, not too cold, not too hot.  Addison is such a doll, she has the most precious smile and clearly loves her sister and parents with all of her being.  And then there is spunky little Evelyn.  It took her a bit to warm up to the camera but once she was awake, she came to life in the most joyful way, dancing and playing with her big sister.  Hopefully I get to photograph this family again in the near future.  Shea and I were talking about doing another travel session... maybe in her home state of Colorado in 2019!  Stay tuned! 

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The Brown Family's Snow Session It's been a while since I've done a blog post, and I've decided that I HAVE to get back into it.  Helen and John are from Texas, so Helen had to have a river and snow in her family session, because that is exactly what Texas doesn't have.  Madison is only 14 (yep at least a head taller than me) and absolutely gorgeous (although she doesn't know it yet).  Juliana is so happy and fun with amazing eyes, she absolutely made the session.  Helen brought her grandmother's knit blanket, the grandmother Juliana was named after, which we got a few shots of the family snuggled up in and on.  John and Helen are such a cute couple.  We hiked around Cherry Plain State Park and ended this lovely session with a fun, old fashioned snow ball fight.  I hope you enjoy the photos and share the laughter that we had on this day.  




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Senior Sarah, Hoosick Falls Class of 2018 A few weeks ago I got to spend a lovely evening with animal lover Sarah.  She is super sweet, fun, and just absolutely adores her animals.  We took the pictures up on her property in beautiful Hoosick Falls as the sun slowly sank in the sky.  I can't wait to show her the rest!

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The Hastings Family I had the lovely opportunity of photographing again (and this time dad joined!) the lovely Hastings family!  Katrina is such a sweetheart.  She is always so apologetic when I arrive, as the ground was soggy and her husband had been working so he didn't have much time for the shoot.  But that didn't matter, we laid a giant quilt on the ground and the whole family piled on (and the dog wanted 'in' too!)  It was a blast.  These girls remind me of my sister and I when we were children.  Carefree, loving, and wanting to kill each other all in the same moment - LOL.  Seriously though, these girls are absolutely beautiful and look just like their mom.  ENJOY!

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HS Senior Ian, Class of 2017 This shoot was different than my normal fairy princess, happy family, wedding bliss shoot.  Ian, my cousins step-son, is totally Goth.  He also wants to (for real) be a grave digger and is fascinated by death.  And when he and I sat down to talk about what he wanted and how he wanted to represent himself he instantly said 'graveyard' and I instantly thought Oakwood Cemetery in Troy, NY.  Oakwood is a lovely place to shoot even if you're not Goth. Not to mention that Ian is GORGEOUS and could totally model.  Many photographers out there focus on one or a couple 'subjects' to focus on.  They pride themselves on their particular style or that they're a 'newborn' photographer or a 'wedding' photographer.  While all that is wonderful and has many advantages (and it certainly does), I enjoy 'mixing' it up.  I honestly think I would get bored photographing the same subject over and over.  I LOVE when a client brings me a unique idea, and often times those end up being my favorite shoots of all time.   So I really hope you enjoy my shoot with Ian:

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Matt, Hannah, Sebastian, and Ryder It's been a while since I've done a blog post.  I have been so busy I have very little time to blog lately.  But this one I couldn't resist.  I have been photographing Hannah since she was pregnant with Sebastian.  This family has grown very fast in a short time, but I absolutely love it!  I was thrilled when Hannah was game to go to the fair, and came all dressed for the part too.  Enjoy this fun family session!!

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Emily, Miles, and Porter It's been a while since I've blogged.  Life has kept me very busy recently.  But I'm back and hopefully better than ever.  I recently bought a lens that is out of my comfort zone and I am excited to say that I've been playing around on shoots and trying some new ways to shoot.  I definitely used the new lens and had a great time playing around with their new addition Porter on this shoot.  I fell in love with Emily and Miles back a few years ago when they hired me for their engagement and wedding photography.  I am so thrilled to be shooting with them again and hope to continue to in the future!  Hopefully you'll recognize some slight differences in my work (for the better!).  My goal is to make you 'feel' like you're there; smell the grass, hear the puppy bark, feel the warm sun on your face, and sense the love this sweet couple has for their sweet pup.  

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The Parent Family

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Welcome Arya, 3 weeks new! Mom Alyssa contacted me about photographing miss Arya when she already 2 weeks old.  Normally a newborn at 2 weeks or later is very difficult to photograph for two reasons, first they tend to me more alert and aware that we are trying to curl them into balls, and 2nd they simply do not curl quite as easily as a 5 day old baby.  Alyssa also told me Arya was very alert since birth so I suggested we do something a little outside the box (or studio) and go into a field and make it about the family.  I am so glad we did!  The sun was perfect, location perfect, Alyssa and Zach = models, and of course Arya is the sweetest most adorable alert baby!  We had such a wonderful time, with the sinking sun, and when she finally did pass out (for all of 5 minutes) we managed to get some sweet ones of her sleeping!  Oh Alyssa and Zach, something tells me she is going to have quite the entertaining personality some day and keep you on your toes!  


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The Denue Family Spent a lovely evening photographing the Denue Sisters and their families!!!  Jill has three (almost grown) beautiful children and Karyn and John have 2 amazing (and funny) boys.  I finally had the pleasure of using Karyn and John's property to take the photos (that I have been secretly admiring on walks with my family for years in Petersburg).  The lighting was perfect for this happy crew.  I couldn't have imagined it going any better.


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Sebastian is 8 months old! Sebastian is such a cutie!  I was so happy to photograph this little guy again!  The last time I saw him he was a very alert newborn :)  Looking forward to seeing this guy again in December!!!

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Senior Baily Cambridge Central Class of 2017 Baily is hands down beautiful!  When she showed up to the session I was blown away by how easy she was to photograph, her natural beauty, and her amazing blue eyes.  Enjoy!


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Anthony is 3! I always love photographing Anthony; he's as cute as a button and I think has a secret crush on me, haha.  He wanted me to pick him up and hold his hand over everyone else at the photoshoot.  And he kept running up to me and tackling me with the biggest hugs.  He is just too cute.  His new puppy Dozer is adorable, they just loved playing together.  Anthony's mom Jennifer always has great ideas and the best outfits for Anthony.  My favorite part of the shoot, was when Anthony decided he was very brave and wanted to go up to his neck in the pond... we all got a little nervous, and wet trying to get him to come closer to shore.  So fun!  Everything came together perfectly, especially at the end with that amazing sunset.  


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Senior Shyanne Cambridge Central School Class of 2017 Beautiful Shyanne <3  One of the girls I chose as my Senior Rep.  Not only is she beautiful, but she has a kind and empathetic personality, which I love.  Shyanne showed up at the studio to get her free hair and makeup done my Jenna (Love Jenna from the Clip Shop, she is AMAZING!!!)  She was super nervous not knowing what to expect.  But once she got her hair and makeup done her confidence started to build.  We drove to Yaddo Gardens in Saratoga and had the time of our lives shooting for the next two hours.  Shyanne was super easy to pose and picked the most adorable outfits too.  After the shoot was over Shyanne's confidence was soaring.  When we started the shoot she was telling me how her younger sister was more photogenic than she was... but I have to say Shyanne you did an amazing job.  You're pretty easy on the eyes and a natural in front of the camera too!  

The 21st century is a difficult time for women to live, different than the difficulties women faced in the 20th century and before.  Girls in school are faced with constant shaming and put downs by their fellow classmates, and as we age the shaming doesn't end.  We face it as we become mothers as well, and I'm sure into old age as well.  My goal as a photographer, is to RAISE WOMEN UP!  Whether I'm shooting High School Seniors, Boudoir, Brides, Families, etc, I want to give women CONFIDENCE.  When a woman comes to me to be photographed, no matter how beautiful she is, often times the first thing she tells me is what is wrong with her body.  But when she leaves, she is feeling more confident in herself, more beautiful.  Can we, as women, join together and try to pump each other up, rather than tear each other down?  We don't need to tear each other down, we do that naturally to ourselves every time we look in the mirror.  For Senior girls (and boys!) that are looking for amazing photos of themselves, that want a fun CONFIDENCE BUILDING session, please come to me.  I don't care what size you are.  I don't care if you have flaws.  I don't care what people have said to put you down.  I will find your beauty and bring it out.  You will leave with a smile on your face, I promise you.  <3 <3

Please give Shyanne some love.  She is beautiful inside and out.  

Shyanne's Before and After Photo (beautiful no matter what, but I LOVE the curls)

Jen from the Clip Shop doing what she does best!


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Welcome Oliver! So excited to once again photograph my friend and fellow photographer, Celia Bell and her little family.  What an amazing experience it was.  I cannot wait to see her family grow through the years.  xoxoxo

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Foster Family at the Schenectady Rose Gardens I always schedule photo shoots an hour or two before sunset for the best lighting.  However this day we moved our shoot back because bad weather was moving in later in the day.  We did the shoot, which went fabulously, and left just as it started to sprinkle.  About 15 minutes after we left, the storm hit really bad right where we were shooting, trees down and everything!  So glad we got all these amazing shots of this beautiful family in time before the storm.


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Senior Alyssa Berlin Central School Class of 2017! Alyssa was one of the girls I chose to represent 2017 Seniors for Christina Florada Photography!  She did an AMAZING job!  I am so excited to show her off.  When we first started shooting, I was very concerned about the weather.  All day long the weather forecast had said 10% chance of showers.  When we got to the location the skies were very dark.  So I told Alyssa not to worry, if it rained we would try and wait it out.  We started shooting, and about 20 minutes in (or less) it started to pour.  We ran back to the cars and sat in pouring rain for 20 minutes.  Luckily Alyssa is a good sport and handled two 'looks' for her hair well!  Even though everything was completely soaked we decided to try again.  And yet again the skies looked threatening.  But as we were on our third outfit the sun came out!  As I was shooting Alyssa in the golden sun she she waved excitedly behind me and said, "Look a RAINBOW!!!"  Yes indeed, a beautiful rainbow popped out toward the end of our shoot.  It was perfect.  It just goes to show that no matter how bleak and gloomy life can appear sometimes, God gives us rainbows in our lives <3 <3 .  I am so happy how the shoot came out!  Thank you SO MUCH Alyssa!!

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