Senior Alyssa Berlin Central School Class of 2017!

July 29, 2016  •  1 Comment

Alyssa was one of the girls I chose to represent 2017 Seniors for Christina Florada Photography!  She did an AMAZING job!  I am so excited to show her off.  When we first started shooting, I was very concerned about the weather.  All day long the weather forecast had said 10% chance of showers.  When we got to the location the skies were very dark.  So I told Alyssa not to worry, if it rained we would try and wait it out.  We started shooting, and about 20 minutes in (or less) it started to pour.  We ran back to the cars and sat in pouring rain for 20 minutes.  Luckily Alyssa is a good sport and handled two 'looks' for her hair well!  Even though everything was completely soaked we decided to try again.  And yet again the skies looked threatening.  But as we were on our third outfit the sun came out!  As I was shooting Alyssa in the golden sun she she waved excitedly behind me and said, "Look a RAINBOW!!!"  Yes indeed, a beautiful rainbow popped out toward the end of our shoot.  It was perfect.  It just goes to show that no matter how bleak and gloomy life can appear sometimes, God gives us rainbows in our lives <3 <3 .  I am so happy how the shoot came out!  Thank you SO MUCH Alyssa!!


My niece looks absolutely beautiful u did a great job
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