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Princess McKenna and the Frog

July 08, 2015  •  2 Comments

There once was a beautiful princess that had a everything she ever wanted.  Her favorite toy was a gorgeous golden ball that she would toss up and down in the forest all day long.  She carried the ball wherever she went.  One day she happened to be by a fountain, tossing her golden ball up and down.  The ball fell deep in the fountain beyond the princess's reach.  The princess wailed with sadness. A large bullfrog heard the beautiful princess crying and sat upon a rock to ask her why she was crying.  "My beautiful golden ball is lost," the princess wailed.  The frog looked at the princess and took pity on her.  "I'll tell you what," said the frog, "I will get your precious ball if you promise to kiss me."  The princess made a horrible face.  The thought of kissing a slimy frog was disgusting.  But she so loved her ball that she agreed.  The frog went and got the princess her beloved ball and waited for his kiss.  Reluctantly, the princess scooped up the frog and kissed him on his slimy lips.  Then something magical happened; the princess forgot all about her golden ball and instantly fell in love with the frog.  They laughed and played the day away and became fast friends.  That day the princess learned a valuable lesson; to invest in friendships no matter what one looks like and friends are much more important than play things. 



Dana Hendrickson(non-registered)
These photographs are beyond every expectation!!! The staging, the artistry, the story etc...pure Magic!!! I love each one a little more than the next! Gorgeous work!!
Karen wood(non-registered)
Absolutely gorgeous
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