Christina Florada Photography | Welcome Arya, 3 weeks new!

Welcome Arya, 3 weeks new!

September 26, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Mom Alyssa contacted me about photographing miss Arya when she already 2 weeks old.  Normally a newborn at 2 weeks or later is very difficult to photograph for two reasons, first they tend to me more alert and aware that we are trying to curl them into balls, and 2nd they simply do not curl quite as easily as a 5 day old baby.  Alyssa also told me Arya was very alert since birth so I suggested we do something a little outside the box (or studio) and go into a field and make it about the family.  I am so glad we did!  The sun was perfect, location perfect, Alyssa and Zach = models, and of course Arya is the sweetest most adorable alert baby!  We had such a wonderful time, with the sinking sun, and when she finally did pass out (for all of 5 minutes) we managed to get some sweet ones of her sleeping!  Oh Alyssa and Zach, something tells me she is going to have quite the entertaining personality some day and keep you on your toes!  



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