Christina Florada Photography | HS Senior Ian, Class of 2017

HS Senior Ian, Class of 2017

September 26, 2017  •  1 Comment

This shoot was different than my normal fairy princess, happy family, wedding bliss shoot.  Ian, my cousins step-son, is totally Goth.  He also wants to (for real) be a grave digger and is fascinated by death.  And when he and I sat down to talk about what he wanted and how he wanted to represent himself he instantly said 'graveyard' and I instantly thought Oakwood Cemetery in Troy, NY.  Oakwood is a lovely place to shoot even if you're not Goth. Not to mention that Ian is GORGEOUS and could totally model.  Many photographers out there focus on one or a couple 'subjects' to focus on.  They pride themselves on their particular style or that they're a 'newborn' photographer or a 'wedding' photographer.  While all that is wonderful and has many advantages (and it certainly does), I enjoy 'mixing' it up.  I honestly think I would get bored photographing the same subject over and over.  I LOVE when a client brings me a unique idea, and often times those end up being my favorite shoots of all time.   So I really hope you enjoy my shoot with Ian:


Kristyn Emily(non-registered)
Ian is a very cool guy. He is extremely handsome and should definitely look into doing more photography work. He has a very unique look and he is also a very unique person. I met him at a party of a close friend of mine and plan on using him in our next video that we shoot in NY when we arrive back from Paris. Ian rocks! Great job on your photoshoot with this upcoming talent! I'd like to see more shoots with him in it! Cheers!
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